Verizon Mobile

Verizon to help public safety officials, first responders, volunteers and the citizens of Moore. If your team is in need of power to charge up devices and smartphones, please feel free to stop by. Verizon team members are there ready to help if anyone is having issues.

1. Verizon Mobile command center for public safety officials
Home Depot Parking lot - 650 sw 19th street
-this will provide tablets, emergency phones, charging stations, internet access to any public official helping this effort

2. Verizon Mobile support unit for citizens of Moore
WalMart Parking Lot at 501 SW 19th street
-emergency phones, tablets, chargers, internet access for all citizens of Moore

3. We also have quick Verizon mobile charging stations with emergency phones and chargers
-Red Cross Shelter at 201 S Howard
-Home Deport Parking lot  - SW 19th and Telephone Road

Thought your team might want to know, not only for your team members, but to let the community know where they can go and charge up their devices or use an emergency device to communicate with friends and loved ones.

Any questions, give me a call at 405-834-2437.

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