Danny Williams

Listeners' memories of Danny Williams...


Dear Danny,
Congratulations on your retirement and your fabulous career! You went out on top... as you always were. Thanks for always helping and encouraging me back at WKY-TV. Everyone is talking about your retirement and how great you are. Please give my love to your family.

Pam Henry
I am a 61 year old former Oklahoman, who has been a Danny Williams fan all of my life. I was passing through Oklahoma City on business about 10 years ago and was looking for something to listen to on the radio when I happen to hit KOMA and Danny and Lisa. I almost wrecked my car! I thought I had gone back to my childhood in Stillwater. All of the great time in the 50s and 60s growing up listening to Danny came rushing back. He is the best rock DJ anytime, anywhere. I can remember the old WKY days, both on radio and as 3D Danny on television. (Somehow my friend Hayes and I knew he was the same guy interviewing the old ladies on TV in the afternoon and one radio, but we never admitted it.) Even when we were lucky enough to meet on the golf course in Stillwater in the early 70s, it was a thrill.

Anyway, ever since I found out I could listen on the computer; I have been a regular listener again here in Houston. I will miss him greatly. When you start to get a little older, someone like Danny makes you feel just a little younger, especially since he never seems to age. I hope he has a great retirement, but I hope we still get to hear from him every once in a while. Tell Lisa for me that she is doing a great job.

Thank God we have still have Ronnie Kaye!!!!!
Thanks Danny for a great life.

Richard Dicks

He is the one that led me to find out about God or Christ and is the main reason I'm a Christian today.
Thanks for the memories my special friend.

Many were the afternoons I would rush home to watch you on the Circle 4 Ranch as you and Cannon Ball went on your adventures. You challenged me to dream and to imagine.  Later in my adolescent years I listened to you as you played the songs that made us laugh, cry, love, and remember.  As an adult I watched you on Danny's Day and admired your class and professionalism.  Now in my Golden Years my mind drifts back to younger days and loves I had as I listen to the music I grew up with and loved.

Now, like the great Indian Warriors of days gone by you have come to see that it time to hang up the lance and arrows. The time has come to prepare for the journey that we all will take into the setting sun to meet the Great Spirit and sit at his table.  There we will be young once again and full of life and bravery.

No this is not good bye. This is until then when we all sit around the fire and sign the songs of life and how we lived.

Noland Huey (Nollie)
Student of Psychology
Bachelors of Psychology from NWOSU (spring of 2006)
L.A.D.C. program graduate spring of 09
Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to be..........
The question what will it be?

Danny Williams will be missed by the entire OKC broadcast market. He is/was an inspiration to all "Disc Jockeys" as well as an entertaining influence to a whole generation of kids watching the "Foreman Scotty Show". Who could ever forget: The Widow Weep, Xavier T. Williard, et al. He was a pioneer on "Saturday Night Wrestling" long before it was as huge as it is today. Danny was a music master when he sponsored the "Teen Hops" all over Oklahoma....There is a bunch of mid-aged kids that listened to Danny on WKY 930 AM and grew up with his wonderful intellect. He always thought that he spoke Spanish/Mexican better than he actually did but we all grew to love him. So, I say to Danny....I Love Ya - Pass it on.....

Danny – I got an e-mail from Kerry Robertson today telling me of your retirement. I cannot believe it!

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with you, Kerry Robertson, Jerry Rogers, Bill Thrash and our entire staff on your show, “Dannysday” starting in 1981.

It was a dream come true to surround myself with such talented people.

I loved reading through the notes, looking at your photos and videos on the KOMA website – you really were a part of so many people’s lives through the years.

My best to you Danny – may the years ahead be the VERY best – you are going to be blessed for blessing so many. “I love ya, Pass it on!”

Jane Carr Jones
Austin TX
I would like to say that my great uncle Danny taught me many things in life that I will never forget. My great grandmother his mother would always tell stories about Danny and how he loved to scare her to death. He would make up stories and she always seemed to believe him, she was very naive. I have always admired my uncle Danny and all that he has done. I know God is his strength. One of my friends that I met while working at American Airlines still has one of the horseshoes that Danny gave out at an event many years ago. It is hard to believe that we both retired on the same day one of us at 81 and the other at 50. Uncle Danny I love you and you will always be an inspiration to me.
Sheree Kirsch

Thanks for all the years of fun and service to OKC and beyond. I grew up with you in OKC and the Foreman Scotty Show.

I enjoyed Xavier T Willard and all his antic’s. As an adult, Danny’s Day and your morning spots on KOMA kept me informed and upbeat.

The last few years I have been in Thailand and listen to you via the net. I missed calling you from Thailand last week to wish you the best. So from my PC at work here in Bangkok on a Sunday, (your sat. night) listening to KOMA many thanks for everything and enjoy the time off!

Best Regards.
Dan Haines
Production Manager
NuCoastal (Thailand) Ltd.

Dear Mr. Williams (I’m not saying “Danny,” because you are definitely my elder!),

I want to congratulate you on 61 years of broadcast excellence and to wish you a happy and enjoyable retirement. I also want you to know that I am one more person on whom you have had a profound influence.

In the late 1950’s, when I was very young, I greatly enjoyed manipulating our TV’s horizontal, vertical, and other controls. Needless to say, my family found this very frustrating. My dad’s solution was to build me an electrical box with many switches, dials, flashing lights, a bell, a buzzer, etc. This box was my synchro-retroverter (or, as Dad called it, “synco-rectiverter”). This box afforded me many hours of fun, and it freed my family to enjoy the TV. I was quite certain that it was the same machine used by 3D Danny. If I can find a photo I will send it to you (if I can figure out where to send it), but the box has long since been cannibalized for parts and to discover what made it “tick.”

I later made two different birthday visits to the Foreman Scotty show, but at that time I still could not be sure whether 3D Danny and Xavier T. Willard were the same person.

Still later—1977, I believe—the jazz-rock band I played trombone with made two separate appearances on Danny’s Day (gosh, I wish I had tapes of those). The band’s name was Caribou. After one of the appearances, I heard you talking to the band’s leader about the song we performed (and he wrote). You said that you had spun records until the needle cut all the way through the vinyl, and if you had ever heard a hit song, that song was a hit. I have to confess that, at the time, I thought you were blowing smoke. Since then, I have changed my mind.

Later yet, I saw you in a Fourth of July parade in Edmond. I shouted out, “3D Danny!” and you were gracious enough to stop and salute and wait for me to take a photo.

On another occasion, I called KOMA to make a request, or perhaps for some other reason, not expecting you to be the one answering the phone. I told you about being on your show, and you treated me—a stranger—as if you were talking to an old friend.

Well, Mr. Williams, you are an old friend. You have been with me all my life, and it is difficult to accept that I can’t just tune in any ol’ morning and hear some of your corny jokes. And I just want you to know that you and Lisa weren’t the only ones choking up when you went off the air this morning.

Have a great retirement,

Horton Deakins, Edmond, OK

Good Morning Danny,

Hope you enjoy your retirement, you have certainly earned it. I have been tuning in to the morning show since 1972. My mother had to take classes at Central State in Edmond to renew teaching certificate . We left Tonkawa Oklahoma at 5:00 am 3 days a weeks, I was 9 years old that summer and thats when I discovered am radio and WKY on that long 160 mile round trip. After that summer I tuned in every day before school and riding the tractors on the farm through out grade school and high school. I never needed a alarm, my clock radio woke me up every morning before the start of the radio show. I still have that clock radio but it no longer works. I loved the jokes and still remember a few today. I liked when you read the school lunch menu for the okc schools and then you would tell what they were having at Hanley High school in Hanley Texas which was never very appealing. I remember your last broadcast at WKY and played the Bee Gee's "Emotion" as the last song.  It was great to here you on those other OKC stations and finally this 16 year run on KOMA. I was able to see the Dannys Day show live in the spring of 1978 my junior year in high school . The jokes on the commerical breaks where great event though my high school speech teacher did not think so. My wife and I listen to the show on the internet broadcast in College Station Texas daily. My wife Deborah recently found in a Blackwell High School yearbook a promotional poster from the 1975 Oklahoma state fair autographed by you and Ronnie Kaye and the other great WKY dj's of that year. We put it away for safe keeping just anouther good Oklahoma memory. You are a true "Oklahoma Legend", the mornings from 0530 to 0900 will not be the same. The morning show on 8-29 was great. Once again enjoy the retirement and good luck. Thanks for sharing your week day mornings with Oklahoma and the world via the internet.

Best Regards

Douglas & Deborah Liles
College Station, Texas
 Hello Danny Williams,

I have been your fan for years. I'm David. When I was a kid, I would watch your talk show as often as I could. I decided then, that that is want I want to do when I grow up. I have a great radio voice, but I want to do a local talk show here in OKC. When I was 13, I converted my parents basement into a TV studio, and re-created your Dannysday set and put on shows for friends. I was a natural at 13. When I was in college, I was approached to do a local show, but when I did the test, I looked to young next to the the co host who was 40 then. I was only 22. Now I am am over 30, and want to persue the dream. My parents were so concerned with my talk show obsession when I was 13, that they sent me to Texas to try to rehabilitate me from it. But to no avail. In the early 80s I had a friend that worked for Brad Edward's "In Your Corner", and she would invite me to watch your shows in the audience during the lunch hour.  Years later, I still have my memories of being in your audience. Now I find out you are retiring from KOMA.  I have a DVD of a 1982 show of Dannysday, with you, Kerry Robertson, and Maxine Boatright. (Is Maxine still living?)  Perhaps we can talk sometime and you can share with me the avenues I need to do to persue this dream of mine. Will a live talkshow in OKC work these days, or am I just dreaming? Either way, I will hate myself if I don't persue. I know I have what it takes, just need some direction. I am even open to radio.

If you ever get the time, please contact me and we can chat about it.
In the meantime, I love you, pass it on!
Your biggest fan,
David Moxley

PS. There is more to this tell you, but I will share with you when we talk. You will be amazed to say the least.
As I get older, I have learned how much good people like you mean to me and my family.

Thanks Danny , Good Luck and Best Wishes. Enjoy your retirement!

John Wright
Moore OK
Dear Danny:

My mother just told me that you are retiring.

I'm one of your many many fans through the ages. I started watching you back in the days when you used to interview the old ladies in the afternoon. Of course we watched 3D Danny, and it was very exciting when you came to Harding High school to judge the best decorated car at our Homecoming. In fact, I'm sure that your picture was in the annual that year.

I retired a couple of years ago, and I highly recommend it, although I don't know what Oklahoma City will do without you.  I have a feeling that you will never retire, that you will be asked to host all sorts of events. I realize that what you do is a job, but you sound like you are having a good time, and you certainly brighten the lives of many people.

I haven't lived in Oklahoma for over 40 years. When I was visiting, I was pleasantly surprised to turn on the radio in the morning and hear your voice, just like the good old days.

Many years ago during college, I was a camp counselor at Camp Red Rock and your daughter, Shelly, was one of my campers. She was a very nice girl who didn't exploit her father's fame, and it would have been easy to do. I hope she is doing well.

I hope you have a very long, healthy and happy retirement.

Linda Cartmill Evans (aka Cartwheels at Red Rock)
Beaverton, Oregon


I saw the article on the front page of yesterday's Oklahoman. The news was out last week, and the buzz was all around Enid. You certainly are known, remembered and loved in this town! I am sure it's not easy to go, buy you have your health, and that's the most important thing.

It's time for me to say, "Thanks so much for having confidence in this kid from Enid". You gave me my chance. You taught me so much. Thanks so much.

I may choke up, but I'll be listening Friday. I will not be surprised if your last record is Frank Sinatra's "My Way."

Danny, Thanks for the Memories!

Like many other Okies growing up in the 60's, I grew up watching you on Foreman Scotty, Danny's Day, and listening to you on the radio. Was that Danny that announced the next song by Lobo - 'I'd love you to want me' as I fell in love with my soon-to-be-husband (married for 35 years now!).  Shortly after our wedding, he joined the Navy, and I became a Navy wife for 20 years. Moving back to OKC after retirement, we found Danny on KOMA. Like nothing had ever changed. Who says you can't go home again? It sure worked for us! I love how your 'fame' has not gone to your head, this morning I heard Lisa telling you how great you are, and you said thank you. There wasn't a hint of 'well, of course I am great'. The way you give others credit for your fame is incredible - you thank Maureen, Lisa, your program manager, and God for it, not just yourself. I will miss you on the radio every morning, and hope you enjoy retirement. Plus, we still have Lisa on the radio, she will keep us entertained I am sure!

Watch out for flying chairs.
I love ya, pass it on.
Today seems like I've lost a family member. I've been listening to Danny since I was 13, 14 years old. My husband and I recently visited family in Arkansas and I always have to "rib" my brother-in-law about how much
better Oklahoma is than Arkansas. One of the things I told him made Oklahoma better was Danny Williams. I remember going to wrestling when I was younger and Danny being involved in that along with Danny Hodge and Cowboy Bill Watts. Those are happy memories. Thank you Danny for the "those were good old days" memories.

Brenda J Blount
Patient Service Specialist
Select Physical Therapy
All of us kids (there are 3 of us) grew up listening to you from 3-D Danny to WKY to Dannysday to KOMA. You really know how to put on a show.

We wish you a happy retirement and XOXOX (hugs and kisses)
Cathy, Keith and Kim Hatcher
I remember growing up watching you Danny on T.V. But my favorite memories are of you working down at the wrestling matches and acting like you were afraid of the “bad” guys. I was just a little girl, and when you were afraid of those bad men, it scared me to!

You are such an entertainer Danny! Thank you for all of the laughs!

Vickie Scott
Oklahoma City
My name is Amanda Lenox and I am 27 years old. I wanted to write in and say THANK YOU for being such a great personality on the radio!!! I have listened to you every morning before I would go to school in the back seat of my moms car and now on my way to work! You have set a great example for the younger generation. Thank you for being involved in the community and being a part of our daily commute. Good Luck and we will miss you!

Danny, I grew up listening to you on WKY and still listened to you on KOMA. I watched you on the Foreman Scotty show, at charity basketball games and on Saturday night wrestling. Some may say your jokes are corny but I know that when you ad lib, you're at your best. I remember reading the nationally published TV GUIDE way back in the late 60's or maybe early 70's about a story on the new fall shows. All the media was there as the studios were trotting out their stars for the new fall shows. TV GUIDE said how all the media was given a script to go by, to ask the same questions over and over again. They said how stale it was becoming. Then they said the only one to be different was Danny Williams of WKY-TV of Oklahoma City, OK who threw away the script, asked his own questions and received the freshest answers. I wish I had kept that TV GUIDE now! What a great tribute! But that's how you interviewed people. You were great at that! You have been blessed by far and have touched many lives. You were the only one to do daily devotionals and I will miss those. No one else does them! May you enjoy your retirement and do what you like when you like. May God bless you!

Love, your biggest fan,

Lenice Wright
Moore, OK
Mr. Williams
I hate to see you go because you made a huge impack on my life.  When I was a young kid, I remember me and my Mom, listening to you getting ready for her work and waking me for grade school, I went to Gatewood, the day you said that Jim Croce died in a airplane crach , and Lynard Skynard had a plane crash, Wow I was a kid, and now I'm 45.  I remember you on the Formen Scotty show also.  Just to let ya know, I was wanted to be a Disc Jockey because of you, well I went to Southeasten St in Durant, and worked at KHIB the college sation. I moved back to OKC, and worked at Malarkeys a night club here in OKC. When we became a country night club in 1987 Graham's I was asked if I could be the DJ, well long story short I have been the disc jockey for 23 yrs. I use your chatch phase all the time " Want To Thank Everyone coming out, drive safe and watch out for flying chair's"

Mr. Williams, you made a huge influence in my life, Thank you so much so the memories! I will still consider you the biggest influence in my life!

Troy Butler
Take Care Man , You will be MISSED ! Have a Good one .

Denny Rogers
When I was in the Fifth grade living in Perry, Oklahoma, Danny Williams and several of the WKY disc jockeys came to play a charity basketball game. This was on a Friday night. After the game was over, Danny stood at center court and signed autographs for us 10 year olds. In fact, he stayed long after all the other DJ's had headed to the dressing room.  I've long thought about that night as I've grown up. Danny had absolutely NOTHING to gain from doing us any favors. He had worked all day at the Radio station and the TV station, driven up to Perry and performed in the game. I'm sure he was exhausted and would have rather been doing lots of other things than signing autographs for us kids.
Thanks so much Danny for all the other things you've done for us too!
We'll miss you, but hope you enjoy FINALLY retiring!!

Doyle Bohannan
Dear Danny:

I feel like I'm losing a relative. You've been with me all my life - from pre-teen years on the farm listening to you on the radio at night, through 3-D Danny on TV, wrestling (Watch out for Flyin' Chairs), Danny's Day, then I married a local boy in the Army and we left the state for a while. Everywhere we went, any time we ran into anyone from Oklahoma they would ask about "Danny." No need for a last name. We all knew who they meant. Every time we would get to come back to Oklahoma on leave we would immediate begin changing channels on the radio as soon as we crossed the state line looking for Danny. Your voice would always be there to welcome us home. Soon we came back here to live and lots changed in our lives and in yours too.

My kids grew up, just as I did, and time has flown. They also grew up knowing you and your golden voice and sense of humor. I'm 62 now and have been listening to your program on my way to work early every morning. I'm still listening to my life-long friend and will miss you very much. We've been through a lot, you and me, maybe not together, but you've always been there for us Okies throughout most of our lives, and there's gonna be a hole in our hearts nobody else can fill. God be with you, Danny, I love you too, and just because you've left the building doesn't mean you've left our hearts!!!!!

Love ya,
Sandy J.

I have listened to you for too long. No, I listened to you while I was in high school when you were on WKY, I never missed listening either. You made my day while getting ready for school in the 60’s. You are still the same and you deserve to have a great retirement. I hope you and your wife enjoy yourselves. Have a GREAT time. We will all miss you.

Debbie Epperson
OU College of Pharmacy
Dear Danny,

I have been listening to you since I was in high school, I'm 32 by the way. My father used to drive me to school and we would listen. I am still listening today as I drive 1 hour to OKC to work. Your jokes always make me laugh. I will really miss you. I am the third generation listening to Danny in the morning. My grandparents moved to Seminole in 1947 and were the first ones in the area to have power and the first one to have radio then on to t.v. I was told everyone in the neighborhood used to come over to watch wrestling. I will truly miss you, I am sorry that you have to leave but I know you need to go and enjoy your retirement since you have more than earned it. Social security should give you a bonus since you have worked over the 65 age limit. Best wishes!

Valarie Burkhard
Farmer's Insurance Group

Getting ready in the mornings without you is really going to be sad... You and Lisa are a part of my day, every week day. I'll probably be late to work on Monday, because my timing will all be off. Course, I'm late some mornings anyway, because you announce the wrong time - ha! But, considering your age, you do pretty good! :) I've watched you on TV and listened to you on the radio for years. You and Ronnie Kaye were part of my teen-age years and I have been getting ready for work with you for the past 16 years. You and Lisa have brought much laughter to my life and revived many memories with your music. Thank you for your years of dedication to your profession and providing fantastic entertainment for all of your fans. Enjoy your retirement and have fun playing golf!


You were my first love! I watched you so faithfully on 3-D Danny and Foreman Scotty! You simply cannot be old enough to retire 'cause that would make me ALMOST old enough to--


That means I'm almost old enough to retire!


I'm right behind you!!!

Jenny Dahl (who will love you forever, working or not!)
Oklahoma City

I think the thing I admire about you the most is that you found your niche and loved it.  Not many of us will ever be able to say that.  My job is just a job. If I could find something I enjoyed more and could still keep body and soul together doing it, I would.  Will you keep your 3D Danny website going? Hope so!  My prayers are with you always.

Carolyn Ruth Barrett Reese
aka "Bo" of the BoZo sisters

I am one of the baby boomers who has followed you through wrestling (The Great Bolo), Three D Danny and Bazark, with Bill Beebe in there as one of your side kicks. I watched Danny's Day and your co-host Mary Hart, and your remotes from the Oklahoma State Fair. I listened to you on WKY Radio and I even kinda plagiarize one of your phrases whenever I end an E-mail.....I love ya all "pass it on".

You have a family the most of whom you've never seen but most assuredly you have influenced their lives and are deeply imbedded in their memories. Y O U W I L L B E M I S S E D.....

Roger W. Hamilton
Santa Rosa, California

I love y'all,,,,pass it on.

Hi Danny,

I get a big kick out of your show each morning. It makes the drive from Guthrie much more pleasant. And Lisa has such a bubbly voice and quick wit. She's great.

I've heard rumors of you retiring soon. Say it isn't so---


In june of 1978 Me and a nother guy where flyinf from oklahoma city to DFW on our way to Basic training for the air force. on the play i keep hearing a voice i know ive hurd so many times be fore. at 18 i had grow up seeing on tv and an the radio. i look around and yo whre situng one roll be hind us talking to a nice lady. well when we got of the plane me and the other guy had no ideal where to go to catch our next flight. so i walked up to you. if you please help us, and tell use fow to get to our next flight so we could get to baxice training. you where so nice and told us how to get thier shook our hands and told us to be carefull and God bless. i could not belive how nice you where. i know you dont rember it but i still do to this day. i wont to thank you for that day for helping to young men lost. you will be missed but remember buy all.

Thank you.

Ray Nichols of Oklahoma city


As Bob Hope used to say, “Thanks for the memories”. I grew up listening to you on radio as a teenager and watching the Dan D Dynamo Show as a kid. Now I have 4 grandchildren of my own, it’s a shame there aren’t any programs like your show, Dan D Dynamo to watch these days. God’s speed and enjoy retirement. You will be missed greatly.

Sandra Nance

I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful years of entertainment you gave to so many children and adults here in Oklahoma. I first saw you on television when you played "Willie" on the Forman Scotty Show. I loved you then, and haven't stopped since! You are a radio Icon here in OKC, and we're sure going to miss you. Thanks again for all you have done! Enjoy your retirement!!!!!!!!!

Bill Perego

I have been in OKC since 1972 and listened to Danny Williams, sure hate to seem him retire.
We will miss him!

Theresa Stewart
Oklahoma City, OK
I grew up in Grandfield Oklahoma in the 70's listening to Danny every morning before school. WKY was always my favorite station growing up. I wish Danny well with his retirement.

Bob Hill
Dallas, Texas

Just saw that you're finally hanging up the cans. Never met you...but frequently sat on our end of The Turner and wondered "how the hell can he make a radio station sound so good every minute of every day?"

Just wanted to congratulate you on an incredible career...and thank you for all the quality you brought to our silly ole bidness. Hope your "retirement" years are as enjoyable as I'm finding mine to be.

Scooter "B" Segraves...97/KAKC, Tulsa...1959 (off and on) til 1975

Geo B "Scott/Scooter B" Segraves
Hello Danny,

I just want to say I remembering watching you on WKY channel 4 and doing radio for WKY as well. I remember you broadcasting wrestling on channel 4 and when you was on Foreman Scotty. That was in early 60's but can't remember what actor you play. I have always listen to KOMA as long as I remember. I know it was on AM1520 for years. We live in Moore Okla. just down the from the radio station, then to Spencer. But now I live in Dallas, I still listen to KOMA when I come to Oklahoma City to see family.

I don"t know if you remember named Donald Jackson do you. He use to do work for WKY as a consulting engineer. You gave him some ticket to one of the wrestling matches that you did on Saturday night. But I thought I ask if you remember him. That was my Dad.

I thought I go down memory lane and see if knew. I enjoy like listening to your voice on the radio.

Keep up the good work


Rick Jackson
Addsion, TX
Hi Danny,

It has been years now and I remember you for almost 3 decades and of course the number of people you have encountered in your life you may have difficulty remembering me. I will refresh your memory. I was the one who lived in Oklahoma City and used to call in to your show every morning, I would use a variety of voices and just have fun with you and your gang. I came by the station to help do some promos using voices like Rodney Dangerfield and others and I won my fair share of prizes.

I just wanted to say hi and wish you the best and let you know I miss you and the whole KOMA crew and live in Fort Worth now.

Take care and my best wishes to you and KOMA and congratulate you on a very interesting career I have followed for these many years.

God Bless and take care,

A Fan and a Friend,

Lonnie G. Royal
Ft. Worth, TX
Dear Danny:

I have known you when I was a child and then listened to you many years on WKY radio. I was happy to hear you again on KOMA when I moved back here to Oklahoma from Seattle, WA. in 2000. I listen to you and Lisa Sykes every morning and love you both.

And I do sincerely pray for you often. And your wife LOL.

Take care and know we all love you and are praying for you really.

Bobbi and Ernie Cass

Lots of memories went through my head about how I wish I had thanked you for all you have done for me as a Radio and TV host in the OKC area as I grew up. This gives me the opportunity to tell you "Thank You". I didn't move to OKC until 1962, but I watched you all the time on the "Forman Scotty" show. I try to describe the "Adventure Segments" to my sons and students (I'm a teacher in the Panhandle) but they can't grasp the concept. I listened to you every morning on WKY as I grew up and then on KEBC later. I even sold you Firewood one time in 1973.

You are great! Thank you for giving so much of yourself to the community over the years.

Best Regards,
Chuck Curry

Just wanted you to hear from a fan of yours. Over the years I've listened and watched you. Not creepy like. :)

Family like. When I hear your voice I think of Breakfast with my folks listening to you on WKY. Good memories.

You've always shown class, personality and morality. That's not a thing I take lightly and it has shown in your longevity.

Just wanted to say hi......and I appreciate you. Even though we haven't met.

You are Family.

Daniel L Holloway
Tinker, Ok.

I grew up in the 50's in Norman, listening to WKY and the 3D Danny show. One of my favorite questions to ask people is who is Basark? I've not lived in OK since the early 60's when I went into the service, but my mind is full of memories of your show.

Tonight, I was surfing and found your website and was warmed to read about your life and work. My Mom and Dad are buried in the Moore Cemetery right next to KOMA and every time I hear KOMA, I remember them, and 3D Danny.

God Bless, Danny. I'm going to check into seeing if I can stream your show and listen in.

Have a great day dude! Tell Foreman Scottie hi. (Seems I recall he passed away)

Joe Baldwin aka Joe Daddy

Grace and peace to you sir!

Have been a Fan of yours forever. My name is Randy Harrington. I met you years ago at the Oklahoma State Fair while in the company of my Grandfather Max M Harrington and my uncle Bill Harrington. Sadly both are deceased and in Heaven smiling down on me. Have they made any DVD's of 3D Danny? those were the fun days running home from grade school to watch you and also watched Foreman Scotty and I had the pleasure of shaking his hand and was on the Foreman Scotty show as a kid around 1965. TV these days is not or will it ever be as good as it was during the 50's in Oklahoma City. I currently live in Fresno California and would love a picture of 3D Danny to show my 2 granddaughters. I also remember seeing you doing Championship Wrestling on TV on Friday Nights. What Fun! Gorgeous George and all those other characters and you telling all of us to "Watch Out For Flying Chairs".

Randy Harrington
Fresno, CA

I was talking to my friend Hayes Greenwood today up in yuk Buffalo, New York, upon his return for the U.S. Open. We were remembering our last tournament together over thirty-five years ago in Stillwater. We grew up in the 50's in Stillwater and would always try to be at his house or mine at 5:00 in the afternoon to watch 3D Danny in the afternoon. We had even begged my mom to drive us to the Semi Centennial at the Fairgrounds in OKC, just so we could see you. We were pretty sure that the Mastermind of Mastadonia had you a couple of times.

So when we met up with you at the Blackjack Invitational tournament, it was a very big deal. We tried everything we could to con our way into playing at least a few holes with you. Hayes had shot 64 in the practice round, but cratered in the tournament. Anyway, we were talking about you and I told him that had been driving through Oklahoma last year on business and had found you on the radio and nearly wrecked my car. I thought I must be having a stroke or something. I have since heard from another old friend that you are really still "THE DJ" and are still going strong, but were now with KOMA.

There is appears to be no end to this story. We both just wanted you to know that we were fans, still are fans and always will be fans of 3D Danny, Xavier T. Willard, Danny Williams or who ever you want to be.

Have a great day.

Richard Dicks,
Houston, TX
Mr. Williams,

As a native Oklahoman, I grew up watching you and having you as part of my life for many years. I think that I was even on the Foreman Scotty show at one time. My father, Johnny Melton, was a long time photographer in Okla. City, and did work for your station.

Once, I was on your show with my Afghan hound, when you had a look-a-like contest for the dog from the musical "Annie", when it first toured to Okla. City. Although my husband , children and I moved to Evergreen, Colorado, from Edmond, in 1989,I have many strong ties in OKC and a lifetime of wonderful memories.

I wanted to thank you for all of the entertainment and joy that you have brought to the state over your long and outstanding career. You were always fun, upbeat to watch and really helped create the genre of television that is so strong today.

I hope that Mary Hart has thanked you over and over, because you really shaped her career and style.

From your website, it appears that you have never stopped or even slowed down over the years and you look fabulous!

I have spent my life as a Drama teacher,actress and choreographer and I know that some of my thoughts about performing and hopefully giving something positive to the community, were formed by many wonderful people in OKC, and you were one of them!

Continued good fortune, health and happiness to you.

Most sincerely,
Helen Melton Taylor

I was born and raised in Enid, (1948), and some of my fondest memories as a child and teenager was 3-D Danny in the afternoons when I was a kid, and your morning show on WKY radio when I was in Junior High and High School. Every time I would return to Enid for some type of family gathering, I always looked forward to tuning in to hear your radio show. I had lots of laughs at some of the outrageous things you would say, (at least they were outrageous then!).

My music tastes have changed a lot over the years, but I always come back to the "oldies", and had been listening to a station out of Ft. Worth, TX. Recently, for some unknown reason, I was unable to get that station on-line anymore, so I began searching for another station. I guess WKY is no longer in operation, but I recalled that I had also listened to KOMA as a teenager, so I was able to find it and now I listen to it daily while in my office, (Grayson County Criminal District Attorney - Sherman, TX). Imagine my surprise when I found out that you now have a morning show on KOMA! I now try to get to work a little early so that I can hear the last part of your show, and I'm having a ball listening to you. In some strange way, you help to keep me young - that's a big job!

You'll always be 3-D Danny in my mind and heart .........(remember that weird robot that was in several episodes of your show? I was always afraid it would do you in!)

Terry J. Dunn
Grayson County Criminal District Attorney
Dear Danny:

I sat in the "peanut gallery" of the "Gismo Goodkin Show" many Saturday mornings while the WKY-TV studios were still in the Municipal Auditorium. I won the good deed prize of a carton of Grapette three times before you guys began to recognize me and pick someone else.

As I grew up, you seemed to grow up with me. After school I would find 3-D Danny there to welcome me home, and then came the introduction to Rock and Roll music that you gave me.

Thanks for being such a rich and entertaining part of my life as a child growing up in Oklahoma City in the fifties and best wishes for the future.

Dean Kirkpatrick
Northwest Classen Class of 1960

I have been meaning to write this to you for about 40 years. This is to let you know how you touched my life. In 1969 I was a 26-year-old mother of three children with another close to delivery. My husband was about to have knee surgery (a complicated surgery at that time). We lived in the country outside Ponca City and the closest orthopedic surgeon was in Enid, sixty miles away.

When my husband didn't work he didn't get paid and in those days, mothers stayed home and raised our children. So here we were facing a 2 month recuperation without any money coming in and no savings (what 26 year old saves?).

I took my husband to the hospital the day before surgery (which is how they did it then) and went home, got the kids from Grandma, milked a cow, and did the rest of the chores. Then did the same thing very early the next morning, took the kids to Grandma's and began the long drive to Enid alone.

About half-way there a panic hit me. I didn't know how I was going to feed my children, take care of my husband and pay the bills we had without any money coming in. I started crying so hard while driving I almost had to pull over.

I had the radio on whatever station you were on at that time. In the midst of the panic, you said "Let go, Let God." And a peace came over me that was amazing.

We have had many problems since then, but many more blessings and have raised 4 wonderful kids and have 7 great grandchildren. I believe none of that would have happened had you not said those words and given me the strength to go on.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Janet Myers
Dale, OK

I started listening to you in 1964 while going to Central State College in Edmond, OK. I always enjoyed your type of humor, I can remember driving from OKC to Edmond l especially enjoyed every morning you would start off by saying " I see by the morning paper" and you would go on from there. Simple pleasure in life I enjoyed.

I had to leave Oklahoma and take a job in Indiana in 1974 and could not listen to you. Right after the OKC bombing I was walking through the house the Wife was watching TV and I was headed out the door and I heard our voice. I got cold chills and turned around to see what was on TV, it was a live scene of a shot on I 35 with cars pulled off the side of the road. You were offering a prayer for those killed in the bombing and their families. Then I found you on the internet and listened as much as I could.

I am now 63 years old and you have gotten me through many bad times in my life. The latest was Prostate Cancer which I beat, always in the back of my mind was your voice and humor.

I just wanted to let you know that you touched my life many years ago and I feel as if I know you.

I love you, pass it on

Dennis H Casey
Plymouth, Indiana
Danny Williams