The KOMA Jingle Bell Rock!

The KOMA Jingle Bell Rock is hidden somewhere in the metro area.  Listen to Lisa and Kent each weekday morning at 7:20 for clues to help you find it. And listen for your chance to pick up all the clues given so far when Lisa and Kent visit various Little Caesar's Pizza locations. Be the first to find the specially marked rock and bring it to us, and you'll win $1,000 from:

Little Caesar's Pizza and KOMA!


Each weekday morning at 7:20, Lisa and Kent will give various clues to the location of the Jingle Bell Rock. Clues will only be given on the air or at sponsor locations when announced by KOMA. No clues will be repeated over the phone.

We ask that contestants be respectful of property when searching for the rock. It is not buried or hidden on private or business property.  It is easily accessible.  No tools or special permissions are required to find the rock.

The first person to find the specially marked rock and bring it to our studios at 400 East Britton Road during business hours, weekdays 8:30am to 5:00pm, will be the tentative winner. Once the rock is validated, a winner will be declared and the prize will be awarded. Only the official specially marked rock will be accepted. Prize will be forfeited if not claimed by 5:00pm December 15, 2017.

Employees of contest sponsors, Tyler Media, or any other media outlet are not eligible. Winners of any prize from Tyler Media valued at $100 or more after October 6th, 2017 are not eligible.