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Kent was born in Columbus, Ohio and lived in cities all over the state and in New Jersey. While in school, Kent played trumpet in a national-champion marching band and participated in school and community theater with an eye toward one day becoming a Hollywood actor.

He also listened to radio whenever he could and knew it would be fun to be on the radio. Eventually, a freak accident led to a career decision. While in high school gym class in Brecksville, Ohio, he broke his wrist playing football. The cast on his arm prevented him from wearing his band uniform, so the director made him the band announcer. Thus, Kent's public announcing career was launched.

Kent attended Ohio University, studying radio and television production, working at the campus radio and television stations, and learning 14 computer languages. He was one of the first in the country to create software for scheduling music on radio and for keeping score in bowling using mainframe computers.

He also acted in the weekly radio comedy "Fox Paw" alongside Nancy Cartwright who became a popular voice actor in Hollywood, doing the voice of Bart Simpson and many other characters. After graduating in 1979, his career took him to radio and television stations in Somerville, NJ, Owensboro, KY, Evansville, IN, Columbus, OH, and Indianapolis, IN, and finally to KOMA in 1988.

While in Columbus, Kent hosted the award-winning "Hit Magazine" on WTVN which featured interviews with numerous artists including Chicago, Richard Carpenter, Mike Nesmith, Paul Anka, and many others. His love for the music of the 50's, 60's, and 70's led him to Indianapolis in 1985 to program WNDE as an Oldies station. Three years later, he was recruited to program KOMA and move it from a Big Bands format to Oldies.

"KOMA has always been a fun place to be, especially with the opportunity to work with all the OKC legends that make up our air staff. And Oklahoma City is a great growing city and perfect for raising a family. The people here are the friendliest in the country. That is why I have felt so privileged to be here for so many years."

In addition to his work/fun at KOMA, Kent is host of two nationally syndicated radio shows, "Totally Awesome 80s" and "The 80s Vault."  He is a producer, director, and talent for television commercials and industrial films, and can be seen in feature films including "Hoosiers" with Gene Hackman, "The Gray Man", and "Cowgirls 'n Angels".

FAVORITE GROUPS: Heart, Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar

FAVORITE T.V. SHOWS: Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Everybody Loves Raymond, CSI, America's Got Talent, The Voice.

FAVORITE MOVIES: Raiders of the Lost Ark, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Toy Story, Minority Report, Super 8.

OTHER INTERESTS: Audio, video and film production, bowling, swimming, tennis, racquetball.

PERSONAL QUOTE: "Success is the result of honest efforts and positive attitudes".