Larry Carolla
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On Air:

The term "lifer" must have been invented to define Larry Carolla's approach to the broadcast business. Larry started in radio at age 12 and after almost 50 years still gets a "kick" out of doing his shows for KOMA!  Larry's been through the disciplined radio doors of some of America's greatest radio stations. KSTP in Minneapolis, KVIL and KLIF Dallas, KFMK-FM in Houston.  He even had number 1 ratings on ABC Radio's Stardust network of over 250 stations nationwide. Larry came to Oklahoma City from Dallas over ten years ago and vows never to return (except to visit family)...he hates the traffic and the crowds in Dallas, but loves the great weather here in Oklahoma City.   He now enjoys number one ratings at KOMA thanks to you!  Larry, his wife, Sheridan,  Jack Russell terriers Rusty and Mollie, and Saint Bernard Maddie Lou  very happily live in Edmond, and Larry works full time in the life and health insurance business. As usual, he's in this for the long haul.You can find more on Larry Carolla under Google and at http://www.440.com/